Conception, Curatorship and General Direction: Valéria Martins
Scenography: Aurora dos Campos
Production Director: Cida de Souza, Damiana Guimarães
Consultoria de Arte Educação: Gleyce Kelly Heitor
Art Consultancy Education: Álea Almeida
Graphic Design: Roma, Vitor Lifsitch
Soundtrack: Daniel Castanheira
Photos: Carol Cony
Image Registration: Felipe Drehmer
Circus and Counter-montage:: Cláudio Baltar
Press Office: LEAD Comunicação - Flávia Tenório
Social Media: Rafael Medeiros
Production Assistants: Paula Theodoro, Eliano Lettieri, William Sousa
Cirque Artists: Ana Julia Moura, Artur Cacciolari, Camila Moura, Carol Cony, Ciro Italo, Fernanda Monteiro, Gisela Portal, Gladys Reinaldo, Guilherme Veloso, Regina Oliveira
Assistant Set Designer: Paula Tibana
Set Designer Intern: Alice Cruz
Locksmith: Lavoisier Rodrigues
Seamstress: Cláudia Phoenix
Furniture Handyman: Dodô Giovanetti
Handyman Set design: André Salles
Montage: André Salles e Equipe Inquieta
Realization: Oi Futuro, Bloco Pi Produções
Idealization: Núcleo Valéria Martins

+ visual identity system
+ print
+ digital
+ exhibition 

— Graphic design for the exhibition Ocupação Sendo Criança, assembled at Oi Futuro do Flamengo during the month of July, 2015. The occupation of the Oi Futuro Flamengo’s building, during the  children's holidays, was inspired by the idea of "a children's planet".

From the entrance at the ground level to the top floor, the areas will be transformed into small magical islands. A "treasure hunt," with enigmatic maps, will lead the children to explore these places and thus appropriate the spaces. The program includes a circus and clown workshop with Maria Angélica Gomes and Paula Preiss, respectively from Teatro de Anônimo and Circo da Silva, a creation of a graphic history with the award-winning Ivan Zigg, a pipe shop with Max Pipas and Afetos Sonoros, dance experience and music created by Flavia Costa and Negalê Jones.

The project had a great return in its first edition, reaching 10,640 people, public record in Oi Futuro in Flamengo, stimulating a second edition.