Design, Curatorship and General Direction:
Valéria Martins
Aurora dos Campos
Directed by:
Cida de Souza e Damiana Guimarães
Art Education Consulting:
Gleyce Kelly Heitor
Supervisor Educator:
Álea Almeida
Graphic Design:
Roma e Vitor Lifsitch
Production Assistants: Paula Thedoro, Eliano Lettieri e William Sousa
Realization: Oi Futuro e Bloco Pi Produções
Idealization: Núcleo Valéria Martins

+ visual identity
+ signage
+ print
+ digital

— Graphic design for the second edition of the exhibition “Ocupação Sendo Criança”, assembled at Oi Futuro do Flamengo during the month of July 2016.

The 2016 "Occupation Being Child" transformed the Oi Futuro Flamengo into a galaxy full of seasons, planets and time capsules to be explored by the little ones. The main theme will address such issues as what they expect from the future, life on other planets, the environment, and new modes of society.

The activities of the Occupation include visits-discovery, theatrical and circus shows, dance workshops, sonorities and circus. The project this year will expand its age range by offering early childhood activities including a baby room and a fully geared workshop. Every day the airspace of Oi Futuro will also be occupied with presentation of two numbers of acrobatics.